This collection provides a historic overview of the dissecting trade and the most famous prospectors. prospectors.

Residues of tropical Holland: plant fossils in the shape of leaf imprints, petrified stems and root stocks.

The collection illustrates the botanic diversity of the city of The Hague around mid-20th century.

Animals that lived in the coldest part of the Pleistocene, such as mammoths, visents and bears.

This collection includes various rare species such as gorillas, chimpanzees, otters, civets and cats.

This fossil collection mainly contains beautifully preserved fish species that are more modern than the jawless fish from the Siluric period.

Insects, worms, molluscs a large number of fresh water crustaceans.

Insects and other species found in amber.

Museon's collection of plant models has a unique position thanks to its size and diversity.

This collection is a great example of life in the ocean in the Devonian, 409 to 386 million years ago.


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